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The Doctor’s 4-Week Guide to Smart Tax Planning:

Actionable Strategies for Side Gigs and Locum Tenens to Boost Savings
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 Use The Strategies of a Tax Expert with 20+ Years of Experience

Author of Advanced Tax Planning for Medical Professionals

Invited as a guest speaker at Financial Literacy Conferences for Physicians

Helped hundreds of physicians save millions of dollars in taxes

Certified Tax Strategist, Enrolled Agent, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Taxation

Married to a physician and grew up in a physician household

What Alexis’ Clients Are Saying…

Dr. Hillary Seger

Alexis found a smart (and legal) way to decrease our taxes that no other advisor has ever bothered to consider. Her processes are excellent and up to date. So happy we found her!

Dr. Brian Jakubowicz

Gone are the days of trying to figure out on your own what would be best for your business and family.

You’re Leaving Money on the Table

If you’re a healthcare professional with 1099 income as an independent contractor, I can nearly guarantee that you are overpaying on taxes.

While my physician husband was in residency, we realized 4 months of his salary was going straight to taxes. We saw that in our future as his income increased, our taxes would increase substantially.

We felt robbed.

And he’s not the only healthcare professional with this frustration.

In fact, most healthcare professionals don’t know how to optimize their taxes because they try to figure it out on their own, or they work with tax professionals who don’t know or care enough to make sure you’re keeping as much of your hard-earned money as possible.

When was the last time your tax professional said to you, “I have some tax strategies to save you money”?
The answer is probably never. So…

How Do You Start Keeping More of What You Earn?

Motivated to take charge of my family’s finances, I began to figure out less-known and highly profitable tax strategies to save us money.

But most medical professionals don’t have time to figure it out on their own.

Despite all your rigorous training, you don't receive education on handling your finances, let alone how to start your own successful business.

And with your nonstop schedule, there’s no time to search the internet, read books, or vet tax professionals to find qualified help.

Even if you did find the time, tax laws change so quickly that keeping up with them is a full time job in itself.

That’s why, instead of continuing to throw your income down the drain or bending over backward trying to do it yourself, I recommend using my proven tactics and...

Investing in Your Own Peace of Mind

But what does that really look like?
I helped one of my clients achieve a total of $82,549 in annual tax savings.
And 64% of that (totaling $53,059 in savings) was from just one tactic.
Another client came to me with a strong feeling that he was paying too much tax…but he had no idea why or how to address the problem.
His feeling was right… working together, we implemented a creative plan that saved him a total of $126,000 annually.
That’s how life-changing these strategies can be!

Keep in mind I can’t 100% guarantee these exact results because your savings are dependent on your income and unique situation, but I’m going to give you all the knowledge I give my 1-on-1 clients in this comprehensive master course...

The Doctor’s 4-Week Guide to Smart Tax Planning:

Actionable Strategies for Side Gigs and Locum Tenens to Boost Savings

Combining my 20+ years of experience in this industry, where I create tax plans and implement creative strategies daily, and the research I did for my own family, I discovered unique strategies and tactics that any medical professional with 1099 income can use to boost their own tax savings.

And I share all of this knowledge in my course so that you can confidently utilize the legal tax strategies that the IRS actually wants you to be using – yes, they’re there for a reason – that most physicians and accountants aren’t even aware of.

The reality is, with a step-by-step process laid out for you that will demystify this often overwhelming process, you can DIY your taxes…and you’ll likely do a much better job than most tax professionals who have no idea that many of these strategies even exist!

So let us help you cut down on time spent studying and wading through garbage on the internet…

In just 4 weeks, you’ll know your options, understand the pros and cons of those options, and be able to build a tax plan for your business that will ultimately save you money.

Take a look inside the course:


Foundational Knowledge: How Taxation Works

Before you can run, you have to walk…Meet Alexis and find out exactly why tax planning is so important and how your different kinds of incomes are taxed.

Read More


Entity Selection and Set Up

If you have a business, you start with entity selection, but there’s much to consider. I’ll reveal the different types, strategies for choosing one, and how to set up your entity for success. .

Read More


Deductible Expenses

Find out all you need to know about typical & physician-related expenses. I’ll show you creative strategies like how to hire family, write off your office & vehicle, & rent your home to your business. What's more important, I'll share details on how to implement this correctly to avoid raising a red flag with the IRS.

Read More


Planning for Retirement

To make sure your money lasts long term, I’ll reveal the different types of retirement plans, their pros and cons, and different strategies around retirement you might not know about. I'll share my favorite retirement plans, and I'll let you know which ones I never recommend to my clients.

Read More


Putting it All Together

Now, for the fun part, I want to show you how using various strategies together add up to BIG tax savings.

Read More

BONUS MODULE (Expert- Lead Package Only)

Bonus Tax Strategies

Want to know more strategies that can save you big? Discover strategies like medical reimbursement plans, Health Savings Accounts, gift leasebacks, the pass-through entity tax credit -and more!

Read More

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We found Alexis through the White Coat Investor website and it has been a completely different experience. We felt very comfortable with her pretty quickly. As we worked with her further, it became clear we were finally getting the level of support we needed.[...]

Dr. Kieron Barkataki and Anusha Krishnadasan, PhD
Bakersfield, CA

“Alexis has been a huge help for us. We couldn’t recommend her services more! Her tax planning and strategies were exactly what we were looking for. Her expertise and understanding of our situation has saved us thousands of dollars. We are so grateful for her and tell our friends about her. She’d be a great help to any other physician as well.”

Dr. Krystal Samuel
Tigard, OR

“[...] Her strategies pay for themselves. As an Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon, I appreciate Alexis’ unique perspective and understanding of the dental and medical provider. As the spouse of a physician, she has first hand knowledge of the specific tax challenges that we face and crafted the best strategies for medical & dental professionals. [...]”

Wm. Randall Cone Jr, DMD, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Brentwood, TN

“[..] I appreciate knowing that Alexis and her family are in the same position as many dentists as high-income small business owners. She treats my business the same way she treats her own business [...]”

Jonathan Collins, DDS | Integrity Dental
Lincoln, CA

Meet Your Instructor

Alexis Gallati EA, MBA, MS Tax, CTC, CTS

After over 12 successful years working for certified public accounting firms, Alexis founded Cerebral Tax Advisors (formerly Gallati Professional Services) in 2014, specializing in comprehensive tax planning and compliance for accomplished healthcare professionals and business owners. 

Alexis has extensive experience in high-level strategic tax planning and multi-state tax preparation and has trained at the highest level, holding two master’s degrees (Master’s in Business Administration and Master of Science in Taxation), and serves as an Enrolled Agent, NTPI Fellow, and Certified Tax Strategist.

As a spouse to a physician, she understands how hard you’ve worked to get where you are now. That’s why she provides simple and accessible tax solutions tailored to busy medical professionals. Between The Doctor’s 4-Week Guide to Smart Tax Planning, her book “Advanced Tax Planning for Medical Professionals”, and her the services provided by Cerebral Tax Advisors, Alexis has a solution for anyone because she believes that every medical professional should be able to save more of what they earn!

When she’s not busy helping her clients succeed, she spends her time with her wonderful husband, Chris, and their four children. She is also an avid equestrian and enjoys learning new technologies.

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  • 1 Year Access to the Program 
  • 1 Year Access to the exclusive Cerebral Wealth Academy Kajabi support group of your peers and Cerebral Advisors
  • Free Kindle copy of the Book “Advanced Tax Strategies for Medical Professionals” by Alexis Gallati
  • Live Monthly Q&A: Join a member of Team Cerebral on the fourth Wednesday of each month to discuss a pre-selected topic and have your questions answered during open Q&A22 Video Lessons
  • Access to Digital Downloads and Resources (Exercises, Worksheets, etc)
  • 5 Modules of Course Content
  • 22 Video Lessons
  • Downloadable Audio Files for Each Lesson
  • Opportunity to apply $500 of your course fee into a Customized Tax Plan Design with Cerebral Tax Advisors, if you determine you need more help with your tax plan

Expert Support

  • Complete Lifetime Access to the Program 
  • Lifetime Access to the exclusive Cerebral Wealth Academy Kajabi support group of your peers and Cerebral Advisors
  • Free Kindle copy of the Book “Advanced Tax Strategies for Medical Professionals” by Alexis Gallati
  • Live Monthly Q&A: Join a member of Team Cerebral on the fourth Wednesday of each month to discuss a pre-selected topic and have your questions answered during open Q&A22 Video Lessons
  • Access to Digital Downloads and Resources (Exercises, Worksheets, etc)
  • 5 Modules of Course Content
  • 22 Video Lessons
  • Downloadable Audio Files for Each Lesson
  • One 60 minutes 1-on-1 Video Sessions Directly with a Tax Strategist from Cerebral Tax Advisors - $1,500 value
  • Opportunity to apply $1,000 into a Customized Tax Plan Design with Cerebral Tax Advisors, if you determine you need more help with your tax plan
  • Access to Bonus Module with 5 Additional Tax Strategies Videos
  • Access to a list of recommended vendors for tax strategy implementation
  • A complementary reasonable compensation analysis and report for your records and to substitute your salary in an IRS challenge - $750 value

Still Not Sure?

Here Are Your Options...

Do it Yourself

You could try to figure it out yourself, become bogged down by pages of tax code and paperwork, and risk filing your taxes incorrectly, losing money, or, worst case, getting audited by the IRS.  More likely, you’ll waste a lot of time and frustration and end up moving to option 2…

Find a Knowledgeable Tax Professional

Hiring a generic tax professional might seem like a good idea until you notice that their advice is always a reflection of mistakes made last year, or they have no idea what you are talking about when you discuss tax reduction strategies. Or, they have heard of the strategies but have no idea how to implement them or report them on your tax return properly.  By the time you realize how much tax savings you’ve missed out on, years will have passed by, and you’ll wish you’d gone with option 3…

Invest in the Doctor’s 4 Week Guide to Smart Tax Planning

If you want to save more of your hard-earned money and confidently utilize creative and legal tax strategies, this is the option for you. By the end of the 4 weeks, you will be able not only to understand exactly how you’re being taxed but IMMEDIATELY implement strategies that will help you save tens of thousands of dollars for your side gig or locum tenen practice.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand that this course comes with a significant price tag. However, we are confident that the vast majority of purchasers will be extremely satisfied with their decision to invest in it. They will not only retain the course material but also apply what they learn, leading to transformative changes in their lives.

Nevertheless, in the rare event that you are not among those who find it valuable, we prioritize your satisfaction. We offer a hassle-free, money-back guarantee. If you have purchased the course within the past 14 days and have completed less than 20% of it, simply email [email protected] to request a refund, no questions asked. This ensures that you can explore the course before committing to a purchase without any risk on your part.

As Featured In The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jordan Frey, has taken a deep dive into The Doctor’s 4-Week Guide to Smart Tax Planning and shared his thoughts on The Prudent Plastic Surgeon.

In his review, he details his personal journey through the course, week-by-week, emphasizing its practical, jargon-free approach to tax planning.

Read the full article to discover why he considers the course an invaluable resource for doctors, particularly for locum tenens physicians and those with side gigs.

Dr. Jordan Frey

This course is a goldmine for those who like to be hands-on with their tax planning. It’s not just about feeding you information; it equips you with practical tools and knowledge for immediate application


How do I know this course will work for me?

This course is based on decades of experience in the tax industry and working with hundreds of healthcare professionals in unique tax situations. While we can’t guarantee that this course will 100% work for every single person who takes it, we are confident that if you put in the work laid out in this guide, you will achieve boosted tax savings.

Who is this course for?

This course is for healthcare professionals such as physicians, dentists, chiropractors, nurses, locum tenens, etc, who have 1099 income from a business, as a locum tenen, or from a side-gig.  If you are serious about implementing strategies that will keep your hard-earned dollars out of the hands of the IRS and state, want resources you can use to implement strategies right away, want a no-frills, straight-forward education on popular and lesser-known tax strategies, and want to take a pro-active approach to your taxes–this course is for you! 

It is perfect for those that would love to take charge of their finances and create their own tax savings plans but are not ready to be clients of Cerebral Tax Advisors.

Can you guarantee that I will reduce my tax liability?

I can guarantee that if you follow the advice in this course, you will save tax dollars. I cannot guarantee the amount you will save because your situation is unique and requires you to adhere to the proper implementation of the strategies, which I have no control over. However, for example, if you follow the guidelines on how to hire your kids through your business, it WILL keep more out of the hands of the IRS.

Who is this course NOT for?

If you are a W-2-only employee or don’t have any income as an independent contractor, then this course is not for you.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes! If you’ve gone through less than 20% of the course and are unhappy with it for any reason, email [email protected] within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.

Can I deduct the cost of this course as a work-related education expense on my taxes?

Absolutely! If you're self-employed, you may qualify to deduct the course cost as a business expense, according to IRS publication 535.

How long will this course take to complete?

This course is completely self-paced, and you control how you absorb the material. However, it is recommended to watch the videos in order as some strategies will build upon each other for maximum tax savings. The recommended timeline is a 4 week long program. However, you can invest in lifetime access if you’d like to return for a refresher and learn new strategies as they become available.

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